martedì 8 maggio 2012

Vincent Steiner - The Escape of Mike Bongiorno

Vincent Steiner - Aton EP - EVES 2012

Vincent Steiner - Aton EP

Vincent Steiner - Aton EP
(Free Download 2012

Graphic Design: Cesare Bignotti - EVES Vision
Additional Mastering: Leonardo Barbadoro

mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

Nova Spectrum - JCE Biennal European 2011-2013

Nova Spectrum a short film by Cesare Bignotti for JCE - Biennal European. EVES Vision Copyright © Useless Idea & JCE.

Nova Spectrum is been chosen as first winning 2011/2013 JCE Grand Prize. Participate in a three months residence in Montrouge and in a group exhibition at the BeLa Editions Gallery, in Brussels - The European capital:

lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Michael Knight

Recommended listening:

Vincent Steiner - Mirage Single

Vincent Steiner - Mirage Single:

Design by: Cesare Bignotti - EVES Vision

EVES Compilation Vol.02 - Acid Selection

Electronic music made in Italy:

EVES Compilation Vol.2 - Acid Selection [EVES004]
Printed a few CDs in a limited edition + free download


01-Automatic Tasty "Funny Voice"
02-Koolmorf Widesen "Drava"
03-Useless Idea "Black Rainbow"
04-Impakt "Issid ëssid Meow"
05-Volitune "Corrosive 256"
06-Daren Ager "The Killing Floor"
07-Abbskull "Transmisja"
08-Sint "DRV"
09-Bellariva Gladiators "Nubi Over Anubi"

Published By EVES, April 2011.
All tracks composed and produced by the respective artists.
Additional Mastering by Leonardo Barbadoro.
Design By Cesare Bignotti.


lunedì 7 marzo 2011

Disco Magnetico . Exagonal

Artist Exagonal . Title Disco Magnetico . CAT EVES003 . Label EVES Music

Il nuovo lavoro di Nicola Locci in arte Exagonal si manifesta sotto le sembianze di raccolta delle migliori produzioni realizzate tra la fine degli anni 90 a oggi. Un album spontaneamente sperimentale e intuitivo. Listen Preview